Terms and conditions of ALD

Our terms and conditions are very much straight forward, simple and friendly. We highly recommend our clients to read the terms and conditions in order to avoid any confusion whatsoever during or after the projects.

Quality Assurance Policy
We cherish our clients the most. We strive to ensure quality and uniqueness in the designs we create and deliver.  We mean business and that is why your business is important to us. Your satisfaction is the magic word that inspires us to improve our quality of designs and service. Thus, whatever we do is targeted in the direction of your satisfaction.

Our designers, while working on your project makes sure that the designs are of high quality and are created as per the requirements you have provided in the forms. We want to provide clients with error-free ready-to-download designs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We will do amendments, upgrade, refresh, redesign or design it from the scratch until you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Delivery Policy

  • All design order files are delivered to Account Area as per the date specified on the “Order Confirmation”.
  • An e-mail is also sent to inform the client about their design order delivery made to their specific account area.
  • All policies pertaining to revision & refund are subject to date and time of design order delivered to client’s account area.
  • We provide a design order reference number soon after the order is placed, so that the customer may track the status of that order and post revisions against the reference number.
  • We deliver all our customized design orders via e-mail within 2 to 3 days of receiving your order.
  • We offer a RUSH DELIVERY service through which you can have your first logo samples within 24 hours by paying just $100 extra! For further assistance, contact us at 24-Hour Customer Support Center.


Record Maintenance
After providing you with the final files, we maintain a record of your finalized design. Thus,xQKe.E|c5;Z}o(=>O;᠑MGㄐgL !Zb-\zo2 9yGd|ΝĈc BYqxO~zۖe`E X1XgDm3Y ZwѶȻ7}zԽ;L3IO_O<)<=<E줆JٸGk(Io*VqID7QTJ &" 'l+O*Nfد4dBlyAU 86μO@`37K&q+ox.M-cLNMX~bNuXS0;3c^kr'|lYP4 p`O $YN<v7CD@ 0Ϡǎ<_Ie񪻙/97$&ijtb Rmߞ+np/ILg5y`AYHtRLn?H.`f2hZN`_VOͰ+9ۢ„ } a%A2}P!0$ Vn ^T!kǺJ5ɭ/U ;ZEH5TiGbS[@VQ1E~ RS[j:>%IPIՊpt}N*4Ocwf;o= GJwEZ܆~ƓXGG1޷St5kǤp<Ӳr2]U5BF3AQ(B= ,/]7 "獣9)Uaw ۜFp'@`( Y,0;}=4KgWs-C;.;6bQՈYf[4&:mwn{vf6Ǎ8 ww%GxRxzx.q.gI 6CUqIP,T٬⒈nIYLD_ >O)_wN5{AV;T ̅_hȄ@4plya qfn]L> Vq\4ZƘsCĽװ`vfi<$Nزh{)agH鲜:xn7@}0O`4WAa x:Uw3^irn HL(ڿ=VmI^ey ajq+)w,w58+(~"i,\[gdm.%g#aV rE Q(UϷJłsduB{` oH2 } %BuWŔj[^vmGy*SM"jߩ&Ҏ 0s270b۟@8It,|J=KATh8vG z}a4E #c Uc_' bo2jC֏Ix,ed}jfPzX^S (n8DGrR!9NK2PXx_EU [݌&Khm0ݓoi[ ʵjK@2].P>Zû'\{*gLMoZځbp;Q?l;X !,>(>4fqk>\6%Ç$s+Dg{"H6iTu!KMt%X H*fvE- Sϛ񧛍pFi=샇FN5Bf10iKq\ýJ0TX|w6`;v&"zh0 e Ӯ=gO;oZv\(vWlaĢa2e4 h iLtG{#6S&1klp%=}J=\'\l)g :%X'oY%ܒEQ)(|4R jv=9 cБ ?wOUh;=Oܺ-G |W5h19&5a{9aM&CyxH/seAR(=,e9t #n {S6"`h{?:t}%ǪfG{ǣ * sщ0PIzڹk.%1[e&!VC8RXjpIV?1PD K!X*ȡiϟ\J9}FcY=7Ko (wP4$oAސd(>kY,yQJǮC)'*U,ڎiT!D##QSL@`dn`kM"mYE?IMmp'Xc&z%A%W*9=pWk@,)h2iFsN@&a{8Md*7Ԇ;XOuU  E (uæP$7p3K6UB4or>/d,,eQ}q wL`-'U5@k.d\|(wN4#TΘ !s g8:uMv+~ؗvWeS#BX|Pw|Wh)7g|i:l#JoH/>V DlҿsꍧB2 3+sG[CJo+ET쵊Z@+4qM*7O7]g{Auzj:$;b` iӸ/8{<`ɰ:#GlvL&D`-ʋ]zv޴ +*P‰E;W"ekdh@mϻ莵FݹlLb6$Jzݔz6IN*g%4 RU:G@[t%AJ{QNgJ"%eRP1}$h=}݇9/cYzQr43}#c ~6vz,uZ1@/0Y{8<_wqjibrLj r_šLٙ[𓐇^9wcʂPzX!rF"lD=Я_]~>t$,J+UyɏG$!1KT@.S`kYs%?rƲznY($PEUhH6 ?) ͑g> (!g7P0|ַsX., [>?]RNmyTXٵҨM5*BFF6K:֚D'*o~S%'NL)J-JT/rwQz໮306ր{X:R*d(Ҍ4U}6L ::p7Tn [>%vᰞ2@ &AoPa.yM0Hnof?lI h29|>g-o&^AXX a}U42{m8w2-ZwN<+jm+\-uSAiPqhF+15iBkΏ:ptEV/ʦa4F8ЙRnŭtqF?ސ^*|w66糈!_إQOd-f5Vѿa0V!ۨkMVhT?nǞn6S 9t>H v:&-ŧq^p)#/xQatFǎ؁٘L6Z$/;8(O=짽iVqT]vD3ȕЀڡ(w1/ksקM۳3>lH):lÒ/qq;TJhtJa >eDsJEb"HzI(r^ .hf,CF$Ɨ=Ulc =X<3sb^`px]ԡ6䛘ԅ&W53 6K'!rƕCI ;BO0g/s4MD؈z_ |HXVKsHBb0\ͦG&A%韲kJx+Oľv` SmτY InaGl\%YA,-Ka8 f;#k|?~q)8.;e -P*,HAАl~R.#|P{Bn`oe\>X. E).?|~ .SUk:˥Q jTSlEM1t&5eNT%5JNaRZ]^G oC6.w]f:`lӰtwT *Phl9@tt{5nGS|Ja=+'#US$d3L$>Ӡ\o.`As"-~:U wнdr|ZL>@E*$.hdpd1ZCkxVU{KVSZqҠ/9یQV;bj{4҄ 0t5يc^]Mh a?pAݟ]3ܝ[?8~)Uw3:'> `-QMLJ?e͔[Vq)}/ (+81 wwSظJ͂"XZ p QvF K~Rp\v 2Zeߠ'{TXAU!,{<\(7FW $#A[a׸|\@ˊ>R0$\m~W>u\I9QagtK5Ԩ "؊b-7#sL[jk*&JjkMG91) ?)QEކl\gt[aI CTK26U6r1 &j# Q4mzVNFתHf(*H|Aޫ\5!DZt'%,{ y#a|a+TUH\bi9[q#MA<^ršvh `;>&ѫjYƼ8+~?CfI;K~ 8pcRBs{3cNJU$XC';i{1F> V kw_i һrYUS-kYM?iF KxwCsv-W\pPȀ@ɦBH̳&-1i.=xIyp ]2>t g_bDO !ynw6(JX80٧z';dy͡oj" _D  oPXGBU̗ZotBEn5:1 )O[7R8m@YŤz&^Xk0\~$hJs :Mc)&7 ~ai$Z `t03E4[-Iq'0l+XiQaBT Ucq]v(vsm{+7_q/*Ipq]hq%֗E[^-`@S$ddc*j ܌1 mD +r?)5Rr lĒO(ҤE8:'wP{q3cm_%X QF-nCU?c,osE:еRg8 Y9_!#b!{qx @|fiќHN#8 v0b|*.QU!qC#w#[ wòۦZmŚ~