Privacy Policy of ALD

Privacy policy helps you and us both in keeping your information confidential. Our privacy policy will help in understanding the process we follow to maintain your privacy during and after the design process.

About the Privacy Policy

  • We maintain utmost secrecy of our clients.
  • The information that we collect from our clients is only used to make our customer services more perfect.
  • We acknowledge the importance the information that we receive from our clients. We make sure that this information is not used wrongly. We do not sell or rent information our clients provide us with. They put in their trust in us and ensure not to destroy that belief.
  • This policy describes how the personal information of our client collected by us is used, for different purposes.
  • It is within our policy that we describe the choices you can make about how we can collect and use your information.

Clients' Information

  • The information collected by our company includes the client's name, e-mail, mailing address, phone number and credit card number.
  • We collect this information sporadically on different occasions by our client. These occasions ordering the job and saving the information with our company etc.
  • We may also use the email addresses or mailing addresses which we receive through our mailing system such as our Contact Us Form for responding to comments, queries etc.
  • American Logo Design maintains records of the items, which have interested our clients in the past, as well as the client's purchases online.

Data Collected

  • We employ the information saved by our clients to process their order.
  • We confirm the order via e-mails. In case of queries pertaining to the order that client has placed with us we can contact them via phone, mailing address or e-mail.
  • Being our client, one might also receive updates regarding our site and services which may include a newsletter and information on promotions.
  • This information may also be used to identify your interests and purchases. This will help us in improving our site design and the client's purchasing experience.


  • You might not want to receive our newsletter and promotional communications. In that case you can simply unsubscribe by following the instructions that comes with each newsletter or communication. You can also call us at 1-201-984-7447 for further information in this regard

3rd Party Sharing

  • We do not divulge any Personal information to the third parties.
  • In no circumstances do we provide or sell personal information of our clients to the third parties.
  • American Logo Design utilizes services of credit card processing companies to bill you for services. These companies never share, store, save or use exclusive information for any other purposes.

Personal Information

  • Information of clients at American Logo Design is kept extremely secure during transmission by the use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Software which encrypts information that client puts in.
  • American Logo Design follows generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information that is being submitted by the client during transmission and once we receive it. However, since no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, we despite using commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Access of Registered Accounts

  • The client can access their registered accounts by signing in on our homepage.
  • Once signed in, the client has access to their previous lists and information that they have submitted to the site.
  • Users can update their information once they have logged in to their accounts by clicking My Account.

Changing & Deleting/Unsubscribing Accounts

  • To cancel subscription and avoid future traffic of e-mails pertaining to any online order, you are advised to visit out to contact us on our 24 hour customer support service.

Cookies and Their Use

  • Cookies, alphanumeric identifiers, facilitate our systems to recognize the clients' browsers and storage of items in their Shopping Carts during visits.
  • To prevent the browser from accept new cookies, disable cookies and notify the user when a new cookie is received, Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers becomes most instrumental.
  • Normally clients do not restrict cookies as they allow you to take full advantage of the top features at our site. Our study suggests that the clients leave cookies to be accepted.
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